Kenya Table Tennis Association is the sole governing body of all forms of the sport of table tennis (hereinafter referred to as “the Game”) in Kenya.

Our objective is to advance and safeguard the interests of the Game and those of Kenya Table Tennis Association and particularly:

  • Objectives
    To act jointly with members of Kenya Table Tennis Association within Kenya and internationally, to advance and safeguard the interests of the Game, to promote increase in participation at all levels of the Game and generally to do all such acts, matters and things in connection with, or incidental, thereto;

      • To employ the funds of Kenya Table Tennis Association for the purposes and objects of Kenya Table Tennis Association in such manner as shall be deemed to be in the interests of the Game.
      • To invest any part of such funds as shall not be required immediately for the said purposes and objects, in such manner as may be considered advisable from time to time, and to charge all investments to secure the repayment of any temporary advance of money made to Kenya Table Tennis Association for such purposes and objects.
      • To acquire, dispose of, establish, own, lease, operate, use and turn to account in any way, table tennis facilities and any other facilities within Kenya together with buildings and easements, fixtures and fittings and accessories as shall be thought advisable by council.
      • To make, vary, alter, maintain and enforce Rules and Regulations for the control and governance of the Game in Kenya including for the disciplining of players, officials, coaches and others involved within the Game.
      • To encourage, promote and control the playing of the Game in Kenya.
      • To uphold, maintain and publish the International rules and regulations of the Game for the time being in force in Kenya.
      • In consultation with relevant stakeholders as may from time to time be identified by the council, to select, enter and manage teams to represent Kenya in international team competitions and to arrange and/or manage ties held in Kenya.
      • To make, maintain and publish Regulations relating to, and for the management of, local championships, Tournaments and Club and other matches.
      • To make donations or offer support to table tennis clubs which are charities, institutions or community amateur sports clubs.
      • To sanction, promote, manage and if necessary, finance tours in Kenya of visiting Teams.
      • To exercise control of the Game by taking such steps as shall be necessary for preventing infringement of this Constitution, standing orders, rules and regulations of the Game aforesaid as laid down and as amended from time to time by the International Table Tennis Federation.
      • To prevent the introduction of any improper practices in the Game and protect it from abuses.
      • To sanction, promote National championships and Competitions, and to regulate, arrange and manage all matches in connection therewith.
      • To sanction, promote, and regulate inter-county championships, tournaments, inter-
        club and county competitions and junior activities at all levels and age groups;
      • To sanction, co-ordinate the event calendar and fixtures and to approve and regulate the dates and arrangements for the same.
      • To sanction and promote the teaching of the Game and training of Referees and Umpires.
      • Generally to do all such acts, matters and things in connection with, or incidental to, the effective carrying out of any of the objects mentioned in the previous sub-clauses hereof.
      • To affiliate to other national and international sports associations and federations that are beneficial for the furtherance of the objectives of Kenya Table Tennis Association including but not limited to the International Table Tennis Federation, Commonwealth Table Tennis Federation, Africa Table Tennis Federation and National Olympic committee of Kenya.
      • Subject to Kenya Table Tennis Association Rules as may be developed from time to time and Kenya Table Tennis Association Disciplinary Code, to consider and resolve disputes, and enforce any award or decision, arising in connection with the Game nationally and to provide by the rules, regulations, byelaws or otherwise made under this Constitution, for a process to govern such disputes;
      • To promote the teaching of the Game and the development of the Game in Kenya and in particular the development of junior table tennis in the Country and to promote, encourage and support coach education, the function of competition organisers, referees and umpires and the training of coaches, teachers, competition organisers, referees and umpires; and to advance and safeguard the interests of the players of the Game at all levels within Kenya
      • To prepare and publish the National Rankings for all categories of players
      • To prepare periodic strategic plans for inter-lia the development of sports in Kenya, training of technical officials, provision of equipment and facilities, exposure of teams, plans for sustainability of programmes and any other issue as may from time to time touch on the welfare of the sport of table tennis in Kenya.
  • Our Strategic Plan
    We are now one of the top sports organizations in Kenya and we want to stay that way. But we want to go further than this; we want to be Kenya’s number one Sport’s Association. click here to Download our 2015-2018 strategic plan.